Low Flow Showerheads

In the United States, showers account for 22 percent of each individual’s water use, so saving here is important. The solution is low-flow showerheads.

In recent years these things have greatly improved in their performance, so there’s no excuse for not using them. In fact some of them are so good, you may not even know if you have one. So before you start spending money, do this simple test.

Put a two-quart saucepan on the floor of the shower in the center of the shower stream. Then turn the shower on at full force and count how many seconds it takes to fill the pan. If it’s less than 12, you need a low-flow showerhead; if 12 or more, you’re in great shape.

The new models cost anywhere from eight to 50 dollars; depending on the style, features, and manufacturer.


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