LG’s Air Fry Convection Oven Clears Counter Space

LG’s new LG Air Fry Convection Oven has enough oven space to feed a crowd. (Photo via homedepot.com)

Clear your countertop and air fry for a crowd with LG’s new Smart True Convection Instaview Range with Air Fry.

Air fryers have exploded in popularity for their healthy take on fried foods. The problem with this appliance, however, is it takes up valuable countertop and storage space. 

LG now has a solution for you to reclaim your counter.

LG's smart true air fry convection oven with with Instaview range
Ditch your countertop air fryer and save space with LG’s new Smart True Convection Instaview Range with Air Fry (air fry tray sold separately). (Photo via LG)

The new Smart True Convection Instaview Range has 6.3 cubic feet of oven space with air fry capability. Get that crispy flavor fast with no preheating and air fry in big batches enough to feed a crowd!

Taking a page from LG’s InstaView refrigerator, this range lets you check cooking progress without opening the door or reaching over a hot cooktop to flip a switch. Just knock twice on the window to turn on the oven light while your meal is baking without disrupting your food’s cooking progress. 

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LG’s 3-in-1 element adjusts its size, so you won’t have to shuffle pans around the stovetop. (Photo via homedepot.com)

The stovetop features LG’s 3,200 Watt 3-in-1 element. Because you can adjust the element from 12 inches to 9 inches to 6 inches with just a turn, you won’t have to move pans around.

The LG Air Fry Convection Oven also has smart features for a more manageable cooking experience.

Monitor dishes and the remaining time or begin pre-heating the oven from your phone with LG’s ThinQ app.

ThinQ technology works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can activate the timer with a simple voice command.

Listen to learn all about this Best New Product! 

Find the LG Smart True Convection Instaview Range with Air Fry at The Home Depot.

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