Knock Twice for an Instant View Inside This Refrigerator

LG Craft Ice Instaview Refrigerator

A lot of planning goes into any big purchase for your home. But, what if we told you that you need to put the same kind of thought into buying a refrigerator as you would buying a car?

No, you can’t test-drive the fridge but these days they do have enough features that they warrant some research.

One great example is LG’s Craft Ice Instaview Refrigerator. It has the largest capacity in its class at 24 cubic feet.

This three-door refrigerator not only stands flush with your countertop to provide a seamless look, but it also makes room for a dual ice maker producing unlimited ice.

LG’s smart cooling system maintains humidity and temperature levels to keep your food fresher, longer.

Plus, you can save energy with the ability to look inside without opening the door. Just knock twice to illuminate and see inside the glass panel.

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