Irrigation Savings

No mater how you water your lawn and gardens, it’s important not to waste this valuable resource. Whether you control the sprinklers manually or you have a timer, be sure they run just long enough to dampen the area. If you have water running-off the lawn you’re running them too long.

Time of day is also important. Watering at night can promote disease, because the leaves of the plants stay soaked overnight. If you water at mid-day most of the water evaporates before it does any good, so the ideal time is early in the morning before the temperatures start to rise.

The adjustment of sprinklers is also important, so that you’re watering the lawn instead of the street, so check the pattern of in-ground sprinkler heads that you may have. If you use moveable sprinklers, take note of the positions in the yard where they are the most accurate.


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