Irrigation Repair

At some point, all sprinkler systems need repair. The cause can be any number of reasons, whether you break a pipe while planting petunias or run over a sprinkler head with the mower. Either way, you’ll likely be working in a hole in the ground which, in most cases, is full of water from the leak that started it all.

Instead of waiting for the water to evaporate, try using a wet or dry shop vacuum to pull all of the water out of the hole so that you can get right to work.

If the broken component has allowed dirt into the plumbing, you’ll need to get that out so that it doesn’t clog the sprinklers. You can do that by taping a small tube or straw to the end of the vacuum hose, and covering the rest of the opening with tape. This tiny suction device will get out the dirt so that you can finish the repair.


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