Husky Ceiling Mount Storage Rack

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If there’s one place that almost everyone can use some help with more efficient storage, it’s the garage. For many of us, garages become the great dumping ground for all of those items that simply don’t fit anywhere else. So it’s important to use every square inch you can. That’s where the Husky Ceiling Mount Storage Rack comes in. These units allow you to use the space up near the ceiling in the middle of the garage for storing holiday decorations, luggage, coolers, sporting goods, and other large, bulky items. That frees up floor space which means you may actually be able to park a car in the garage. The shelf is manufactured with industrial grade steel and includes all the necessary hardware so it’s easy to assemble. It provides up to 104 cu. ft. of storage and can support up to 600 pounds so this may be the solution to your garage storages woes. For more information go to


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