How to Spray Paint Screws and Small Hardware Items

Simple Solution

Spray paint is popular because it’s quick and easy to apply, and it dries really fast. You can paint almost anything with spray paint, but it’s particularly useful for painting small fasteners, screws, hooks, and pieces of hardware that would be difficult to paint any other way. Here’s how: Get a piece of cardboard and poke in the fasteners. Then hold the cardboard in front of a cardboard box, to catch any overspray. Spray paint the fasteners. To spray paint hardware — hinges, latches, braces, and brackets — use a bent piece of wire. Slip the hardware item onto the wire, then hold it in front of the box and spray. And if you cut the wire long enough, your hand is clear out of the painting zone, so you don’t have to worry about getting paint on you. Now, just hang it from a chain overhead.


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