How to Read the Fine Print on Tiny Labels

Simple Solution for Reading Fine Print

Smart phone used for reading fine print on tiny labels
Can’t read the fine print on tiny labels? Your smartphone can come to the rescue!

It seems like the fine print on tiny product labels gets smaller and smaller and smaller!

That concerns every avid do-it-yourselfer because we all know how important it is to read the labels before using any product.

After all, you have to know just how much grouting powder to mix with the water; the right temperatures for painting exteriors; and the required speed of the drill to get the paste-like consistency that thinset requires.

Now, yes, you could ‘wing it,’ especially if you’re no stranger to any of these projects, but that’s not our advice. That’s because when it comes to home improvement projects, a wrong guess could cost you a pretty penny!

Of course, reading tiny labels isn’t just a problem after you’ve purchased a product. Think about when you’re in the home center or hardware store, and you’re not even sure which product to purchase!

Well, those days are about to be over because here’s a Simple Solution. The next time you’re in the hardware store or home center struggling to read the fine print on a tiny label, first, pull out your smartphone.

Next, go ahead and take a photo of that tiny product label. Now, make sure that the label is well lit and that you’ve auto-focused the lense.

After that, just open your phone’s photos app, find the photo you just took, and then zoom in to enlarge the fine print, making it easy to read.

I actually do this every time I go to the home center. In fact, sometimes I leave my phone in the car and have to temporarily step outside the home center, retrieve my phone from the car and then go back into the store to read that fine print!

I hope this tip helps you as well.

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