How to Eliminate a Squeaky Carpeted Floor

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How to repair a squeaky floor under the carpet.

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

How to Take the Squeak out of Your Floors

No one wants a squeaky floor! Unfortunately for Mary-Beth, every carpeted floor of her 2-story home is creaking and squeaking with every step.  

Use This Trick to Fight Back Against Tough Floor Stains

Sandy blames a back door rug for staining the interior floor. 

Paint Like a Pro With These 3 Simple Tips

Ken is about to tackle a kitchen painting project. He plans on updating all of his cabinets and needs a little advice before jumping in.

Simple Solutions

Cutting Coped Joints

Here are two tips for cutting tight-fitting coped joints in wood moldings.

Extra Storage for Ventilated Shelving

If you have ventilated metal-wire shelving in your closet or pantry, here’s a quick, simple way to gain a little extra storage

Best New Products

Waterproof Heavy Duty Work Boot

Christmas shopping doesn’t always mean you have to get the biggest and coolest tool on the market. If you’re shopping for someone who is always on their feet, you might want to show their feet some love with the Wolverine Legend Full-Grain Leather, Waterproof, Composite Toe Boots.  

Checking in with Chelsea

Chelsea’s split-brick backsplash

DIY Split Brick Backsplash

Chelsea Lipford-Wolf checks in with Danny and Joe to talk about her new backsplash project using split-brick. 

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