How to Create Safe Passage for a Car

Detail Of Damage To Door Of Vehicle In Car Park With Scratched Panel

Danny and Joe welcome callers’ questions each week on the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Here’s a question from our Oct. 19 broadcast:

Jon’s driveway has long narrow stone walls on each side. He needs to know if there is a simple solution that will protect drivers as they back out.

We tell Jon the only way to make the driveway wider is by…. making it wider. Jon can look at whichever side of the driveway to see which would be easier to remove and enlarge the driveway.

If he didn’t want to remove the wall he could buy curbing and attach them to either side of the wall.

Listen to the embedded audio clip above for the answer!
Read the blog from the Oct. 19 show and listen to the full broadcast here.


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