Homefront Radio Show for November 13, 2010

Hour 1

Hour 2

Here are some of the highlights from the November 13, 2010, Homefront with Danny Lipford radio show.

Guests on This Week’s Show

  • Actor Mark McDonald dropped by to chat about his adventure with a broken attic stairway
  • Lawn and Garden enthusiast and Around the Yard writer, Julie Day, stopped by to chat about watering globes , how to protect your plants from frost and freeze and Chia Pets!
  • Chris Hall with RepairClinic.com shared news on free appliance repair videos.

Weekly Topic

This week we shared the Top 10 kitchen improvements for bringing your kitchen into the 21st century.

#10. Change/Add window treatments.

#9. New flooring.

#8. Remove soffit above cabinets to add more space over cabinets.

#7. New appliances or paint old appliances with stainless steel painting.

#6. Install new countertops.

#5. If you can afford the cost, get new cabinets!

The Wall Wizard

#4. Or a fresh coat of paint for walls and/or cabinets.

#3. Install a tile backsplash.

#2. Change the cabinet hardware.

#1. Install new overhead and accent lighting.

Great Giveaway of the Week

As promised, this week we’re giving away a copy of the new book, Painting and Wallpapering Secrets from Brian Santos, The Wall Wizard.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

•    Laying quarry tile over vinyl.
•    The right tool for cutting outlet holes in drywall.
•    Secret to removing old wallpaper.
•    Some frank discussions on tankless water heaters.
•    Spackle vs. joint compound for expansion cracks.
•    Repairing a single-lever faucet.
•    How to adjust a screen door the dog runs into!


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