Homefront Radio Show for July 24, 2010

Hour 1

Hour 2

Here are some of the highlights from the July 24, 2010, Homefront with Danny Lipford radio show.

Guests on This Week’s Show

Stacy Taylor with Quikrete shared ideas on repair products and projects so you can keep the concrete around your home looking brand new.

Around the Yard writer, Julie Day, covered a number of interesting lawn and garden topics, including:

Quikrete Guide to Concrete book

Weekly Topic

This week Danny spotlighted some projects and fun activities you can do outside with your kids.

Great Giveaway of the Week

The Guide to Concrete book from Quikrete, which includes step-by-step instructions and photos to guide you through dozens of great concrete and masonry projects, from pouring a walk or patio to laying blocks and bricks.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

  • How to repair sidewalks being taken over by tree roots.
  • Resurfacing your bathtub – a good idea or no?
  • Converting a chlorine pool to saltwater.
  • How to tackle condensation inside double pane windows.
  • Sealing stucco.
  • How to cut fiber cement.
  • How often to seal a concrete driveway.


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