Homefront Radio Show for December 18, 2010: Holiday Home Improvement Tips

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Here are some of the highlights from the December 18, 2010, Homefront with Danny Lipford radio show.

Weekly Topic

Danny shared Six Simple Holiday Home Improvement Tips brought to you by Liquid Wrench.

Ryobi P824 18-volt One+ Starter Kit and RIDGID 12-volt Job Max Multi-Tool Starter Kit

Great Giveaway of the Week

In the Christmas spirit, two lucky winners received either a:

  • Ryobi P824 18-volt One+ Starter Kit


  • RIDGID 12-volt Job Max Multi-Tool Starter Kit

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

  • How to add more insulation on top of existing insulation.
  • Reinforcing a cut ceiling joist.
  • Over-building an addition for your neighborhood.
  • Covering roof turbines in the winter months.
  • Heat pump freezing up in the winter.
  • Whether to use faced or un-faced insulation.
  • Problems of water heater working in conjunction with a heating system.
  • Squirrels eating your house.
  • How to paint kitchen cabinets.
  • Regulating temperatures in the house when registers have no dampers.
  • Follow-up to using micro-organisms for plumbing maintenance.
  • How to remove stains in marble.


  1. I listen via your podcast. Like the content, takes patience to pick out the home topics from the small talk and comic events. PLEASE leave your commercials for your radio and/or TV shows, not your Podcast. During your commercial I get involved with other things, then miss your home care callers.


    • Hi Art,
      Glad to hear you like listening to Homefront. While the audio files for the show on our website (such as the ones on this page) contain commercials, the podcast version of the show does not. To download or listen to the podcast, click on “Subscribe to Podcast” on the navigation bar, or go to Podcast.


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