Hanging Oversized Cabinet Doors & Searching for Studs

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Danny and Joe help out a listener with cabinet doors wider than her cabinets. How she can secure the doors and not worry about damaging them each time they’re opened.

Also, a listener needs help with hanging a grab bar on marble. He wants to know how to find a stud through the marble. With the right tools, he won’t even need to find a stud.

And cooking with Smart Technology. How you can grill up you’re next outdoor BBQ using your smartphone.

Plus, Joe has a simple solution to help clean out those straws that come with cans of spray foam.

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Hanging Oversized Cabinet Doors

Marsha in Georgia says, “My kitchen cabinets appear to have been built on-site in 1958, 3/8″ lipped doors and original exposed hardware. The cabinet doors are wider than other cabinets. In 2010 the kitchen was remodeled using 3/8″ rabbeted door hinges that have failed. I think the doors may need 3 hinges due to width. Help?!”

Installing a Grab Bar on a Marble Surface

Ed in Alabama says, “My wife and I are getting older and I feel the need to install grab bars in our showers, both showers have marble surrounds. How do I locate the studs behind marble and drywall?”

Bathtub Drain Rust

Carmen in New Hampshire says, “I have a bathtub drain that has mold and rust in the sealant. I have tried everything I can think of to clean it such as bleach, peroxide, and lime away. Nothing has worked and I am embarrassed because it appears that I haven’t cleaned the tub. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.”

Crumbling Concrete

Lisa in New Hampshire says, “The concrete apron outside of our garage is crumbling and falling apart. Can we use pavers to repair this? Would that hold up to our winters?”

Daich Coatings Interview

Talking About Spreadrock W/ Peter Daich

Danny and Joe talked to President and founder of Daich Coatings Peter Daich about the features and benefits of SpreadRock. Listen to learn how you can work this great resurfacing product into a surface around your home.

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Spray-Foam Tip

After using a can of expanding spray foam, such as Great Stuff, remove the plastic spray tube and clean it with WD-40.

Popcorn Ceiling Stain Concealer

This tip was submitted by listener, Darryl Climer. I’m not sure where Darryl is from, but he said that his son-in-law was over for dinner one night and squeezed the catsup bottle a bit too hard and it sprayed catsup onto the kitchen ceiling. After looking at the stain for 3 years, Darryl finally decided to do something about it and here was his SS: He took a bottle of White-Out correction fluid and painted over the catsup spatters.

Best New Products

A Dash of WIFI W/ Your BBQ

By now many of you use WIFI to listen to music, connect your laptops and phones to the internet and even control your thermostats. But, did you know you could grill with WIFI as well? Traeger’s Pro 575 WIFI Pellet Grill & Smoker is fueled by 100% real wood pellets and smart technology in what it’s calling WiFire Technology.

Products Mentioned

Daich Coatings

Wet & Forget



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