Get Rid of Ants

We aren’t the only ones who get more active in warmer weather, so it’s no surprise when the ants go marching one by one across your kitchen countertop. You grab the ant spray, give them a blast or two, and wind up throwing away food and cleaning up a toxic, smelly mess of insect spray.

If that sounds familiar there’s good news because there are safer methods that you’ll love using to get rid of these pests.

Mix up a little soapy water in a spray bottle and spritz it along their trail. To keep them out of your pet’s food, set the food dish in a pie pan of soapy water. And instead of poison powders and toxic sprays, try chili powder to create an insect barrier.

Inside or out, it’s safe, inexpensive, and non-toxic. This summer wage a safe, non-toxic war on the ants with weapons that blast them and not you.


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