Frozen Pipes

This time of the year many of you will go for days or weeks at a time with the mercury never rising above freezing. That’s the kind of weather where unprotected water pipes tend to freeze and burst.

The immediate fix is allowing the water faucets in your home to drip slightly. Even at a very slow rate, a dripping faucet will help prevent a water line from freezing.

But obviously this isn’t a long term fix because it wastes so much water. The real solution is insulating all the water pipes that travel through unheated spaces like basements, crawl spaces, and attics.

Pick up some inexpensive foam pipe insulation at the home center to cover those bare pipes. You’ll need a flashlight, a utility knife, and a roll of duct tape to warm up those pipes and stop the drips.


  1. I have been using this since the 70’s when the foam pipe covers first came out as I have a basement, half of which was a kitchen dating back to 1820, yes you read it right right, 1820 before the city was founded.

  2. I have pvc pipes as water pipes in a crawl space under my house. Should I wrap these pipes too or will they not freeze like the copper pipes etc. Thanks Ginger

    • Hi Ginger,
      PVC pipes break much easier than copper pipes if they freeze, so by all means wrap the PVC water pipes under your house. Snap on foam insulation is easy to apply and works great. Be sure there are no gaps between joints, and miter the foam at a 45 degree angle on right angle elbows in the pipes to get a tight fit.


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