How to Stop a Deck from Creaking and Squeaking

Here’s a question from our 6/8/2019 Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Dennis from North Carolina says, “About four years ago I had my deck’s floorboards and railings replaced. They were sealed with Sherwin-Williams Deck stain, I believe it was a solid stain. I want to say the original deck board was secured with a pneumatic nailer and the fasteners looked like staples.

“Early fall of last year I had the deck cleaned, all old deck dressing/sealant was removed by a liquid remover; what sealant remained was sanded off. The entire deck was then re-sealed with TWP stain, believe the coloring is California Cedar.

Now when it rains and the deck hasn’t dried, all is well. After the deck has dried after rain, all is well. However, when the floorboards have dried and get walked on, they make popping sounds and squeak like crazy. Seems that all of the floorboards do it. It’s very aggravating and driving me and my wife crazy.

The construction of the deck floorboards’ support is joists on 16-inch centers. Floorboards are attached to each joist using two deck screws. Existing screws measure 0.125”+/- diameter at the shank and are 2.5” long (top of head to thread tip). Floorboards measure 6.5” by 1.125.”

What can I do to eliminate the popping and squeaks? Add a third screw at each joist, replace existing screws with a larger, longer screw, etc.?

We tell Dennis to go along and tighten all the screws in the boards. Try doing just a few boards first to see if that will help before moving on to the entire deck. Another option would be trying longer screws.

Listen above for the segment!

Read the blog from the June 8 show and listen to the full broadcast here


  1. Hi Dennis,
    Were you able to fix your deck cracking issue? We have the same issue with ours, and it’s only about 5 years old.

    • Hi, Merridyth,
      We haven’t heard from Dennis about this issue, so we hope that no news is good news.
      This tip has always worked on our decks, but Dennis, if you’re out there, please chime in. 🙂

  2. I also would like to know if Dennis was able to fix the squicky problem of his deck.
    I was advised, by home depot emplyee, to take the screws out and fill the holes with liquid super hard as neils and then put the screws back in. I did only part of the deck, but I’m not sure it worked. Only some of the boards stoped squicking and I’m not sure whether to finish the rest or not. Thanks.

    • Hi, Victoria!
      We haven’t received an update from Dennis, but this tip has worked on all of our decks.
      It sounds like you received sound advice from a Home Depot associate as well.
      Home Depot has a knowledgable staff and we love it when they share tips that worked for them.
      Let us know how it goes when you complete the deck. 🙂

  3. i istalled a trex deck in the tama area where the sun beats on it in the morning i used there plastic fasteners it is 10 feet by 14 feet i framed it with pt 2×8 stringers 16 inches on center with blocking 4 foot sona tubes with rebar over built for florida. so i have 3 complants the cost 750.00 just for the decking it squeeks when you walk on it, but my biggest complaint the decking is sagging dipping looks horrible 6 months later.i have been in costruction my whole life my dad was a union master carpenter the stringers were all crowned hangers anchored to the concrete foundation. if i had to do it again i would have used pressure treated decking and put up with the matainence .

    • Some folks favor traditional wood decks; others favor composite’s low maintenance.
      Each building material has its pros and cons and there’s no wrong answer.
      Thanks for sharing with our community, Dave!


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