Should I Fix, or Replace, My Water Heater?

Here’s a question from our 6/15/2019 Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Morgan from Iowa says, “I’m debating if I should fix a water heater where the “reset” button keeps tripping or replace it.

“To start with, it is just over 20 years old (manufactured in January 1999) and I don’t believe the anode rod has ever been replaced.

“There is also a lot of manganese and the area has very hard water. I am also having trouble finding replacement elements. My current tank takes 1 3/8″ threads. I have only found 1″ threads. The thermostats also seem like different connections.”

We tell Morgan to buy a new water heater. The life expectancy is around 12 years and Morgan’s has lived past its prime.

Listen above for the segment!

Read the blog from the June 15 show and listen to the full broadcast here


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