Fighting Mildew

Green is a color that crosses many boundaries. It’s the color of spring; many people have a green thumb; you can turn green with envy; or, when you’re not feeling well, you turn green at the gills; and if you have no experience, people call you a greenhorn.

But one area you don’t want to see green is when it’s mold and mildew growing around your home. Fortunately, getting rid of this green is an easy task.

For surfaces that are non-porous—such as ceramic tile, marble, or porcelain—a mixture of bleach diluted with 10 parts water will kill the growth. Outside on vinyl or aluminum siding, be sure to choose bleach formulated for outdoor use.

But for porous surfaces, bleach isn’t as effective. Instead, look for an antimicrobial spray that will not only kill the existing mold and mildew but will also inhibit its future growth.


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