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DeckMate Screws

When a simple tool or product has been around for a long time it’s easy to assume it’s been improved as much as it can be. But that isn’t always the case and fortunately, the folks at Deck Mate didn’t buy into that idea either. So, they’ve made a better Screw with DeckMate 3. The star drive head helps transfer torque better and prevents cam outs, which lead to stripping. And they include a T-25 bit right in the box. The bumps along the edge push the wood aside rather than slicing it so this screw drives faster, with 40% less torque. That means your drill/driver batteries last longer and you finish the job quicker. This fluted tip creates its own pilot hole, which minimizes the need for pre-drilling. And of course, deck screws are coated to prevent rust, so this one has a polymer coating that’s is guaranteed for the life of your outdoor project. For more information on these Deckmate screws log on to


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