Dynatrap: The Non-toxic Insect Trap

Dynatrap 3 way insect trap as best new product
Dynatrap keeps pests away from your home without the use of toxins or odors.

People who love the outdoors are always looking for a better way to protect themselves from mosquitoes and other flying insects. But using chemicals or hearing those bug lights ZAP them every few seconds can ruin your peace. Luckily, the UV Insect and Mosquito Trap from Dynatrap because it works without chemicals or zapping! (This is an affiliate link. If you purchase this product, we will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

How It Works

The Dynatrap insect and mosquito trap is engineered for 3-way protection against common household insects without pesticides or toxins!

First, a UV fluorescent bulb generates a warm light that attracts insects. Then, a Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface produces a trail of CO2 that mimics human breath. Third, a powerful yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks insects into the retaining cage where they dehydrate and die.

Other Features

The trap is effective against mosquitos, moths, yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, and flies and the UV LED bulb lasts up to 3,000 hours. And it protects up to a half-acre after a few weeks for it to have an impact. 

This product includes the trap with the UV bulb, mount, chain, brush and screwdriver. There are multiple ways to install the trap too! It can be hung with the chain included, or it can be mounted to a wall or post for a lantern-like appearance. So, if you want protection without pesticides or zapping, give it a try.

For more information about the Dynatrap Insect and Mosquito Trap, head on over to homedepot.com.

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