DIY Gutter Cleaner

No one likes cleaning gutters, especially the part where you scoop them out by hand. What if you could just spray them out with the garden hose without climbing up on the roof? Well, you can.

You’ll need a couple of pieces of PVC pipe, two 90 degree PVC elbows, an end cap, PVC glue, and a threaded adapter to match up with your garden hose.

From one piece cut two pieces about 12″ in length. Glue them into an elbow to form an “L”. Now use the other elbow to attach the “L” to the full piece of pipe.

The threaded hose adapter goes on the other end of this piece. Drill one or two small holes in the cap before you glue it over the remaining open end.

Now you can spray out your gutters without setting foot on a ladder.


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