Delta In2ition: A Detachable, Low-Maintenance Shower Head

Delta In2ition shower head
Delta’s In2ition shower head offers maximum flexibility without sacrificing a spa-like experience.

Detachable shower heads have been around for a long time, but you usually have to sacrifice normal shower performance for the convenience of a detachable wand. 

Delta has changed that with their In2ition 2-in-1 Five Spray Pattern Dual Shower Head. That’s because the detachable hand shower can be used separately or simultaneously with the shower head. 

This integrated system offers maximum flexibility without sacrificing any warmth. 

Choose between having water streaming through the shower head only, the hand shower only, or both the shower head and the hand shower at once. 

The shower head features five settings, including a pause option to make using the shower more convenient and save water along the way. 

To make cleaning easier, soft, rubber spray holes allow mineral residue to be simply wiped away without the need for soaking or harsh chemical cleaners. 

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