Creating a Backyard Paradise with Retaining Wall Blocks

Here’s a question from our 7/20/2019 Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Ashley in Tennessee says, “I would like to redo my side yard and work my way down, but I live on a slope.

“I want to add steps down the backyard and gravel under the deck but I’m not sure how the weight of the gravel will affect the deck.

“Would a retaining wall in front of the deck help support the weight of the gravel? What tools should I rent to help with creating the steps down in yard?”

We tell Ashley she could use stackable retaining wall blocks to create a retaining wall up about 16 inches just outside the footprint of the deck.

Then she can add gravel to level off the area. The material is readily available from Pavestone at just about any Home Depot.

Listen above for the segment!

Read the blog from the July 20 show and listen to the full broadcast here

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