Conflicting Contractors & Eliminating Paint Odors

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A husband wants to celebrate his wife’s cookbook with brand-new floors. But, he’s getting conflicting reports from contractors. What he could look for that will give him the edge during negotiations.

Also, how do you get a lingering paint smell out of a room that has no windows? A common household item may just do the trick.

Plus, Joe has a way to work smart not hard when you need to remove a rug from a room.

Listener Questions

Paint Smell Won’t Leave My House
Dennis from Indiana – “I recently painted a small bathroom and used an oil-based primer but used a latex finish paint. We had a strong paint odor immediately and three weeks later still have a lingering paint smell. Any tricks you can offer to get the smell to go away.”

Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Donna from Florida – “I have white kitchen cabinets. The last homeowners painted around all the knobs and now they are wearing down and after a week become black around knobs. What can I do to fix this?”

Conflicting Contractors
Joe from Washington – “Wants to put in new pergo outlast floors throughout the home. One contractor says I have to even out the entire home first. Another says that’s not true. Who to trust?”

What Can I Use to Level Concrete
Teri from Florida – “Need an idea on how to level a concrete pad that was added next to an original concrete pad. My dad added a den to the back of our childhood home and the additional concrete is not the same level as the original patio pad. Should I try a leveling product?”

Moisture Found Inside New Windows
Dexter from Indiana – “I have new windows in my home. Where the windows meet there is about one half to three-quarters inch moister on the inside. My humidity shows to be around 34%. Is this from a poor seal or poor insulation between the frames?”

Pocket Door Pros and Cons
Dan from California – “We have an older house with lath & plaster walls whose design allows those entering the house or in the living room see down a hall to the bedrooms and den. There was a standard door in the opening which was removed years ago. The frame is still in place. Due to an odd configuration, there is one wall that could house a pocket door for privacy when people are in the living room.”

Simple Solutions

Rug Removal
To make it easier to remove a large area rug from a room, roll the rug diagonally from one corner toward the opposite corner.

Spice Jar Perch
Try this tip for organizing small spice jars.

Best New Products

MPX Aluminum Multi-Position Ladder

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