Concrete Slab Flooring Prep

Many homeowners are tackling do-it-yourself flooring these days, and one of the most popular options is a ceramic or porcelain tile.

But if your home is on a slab and you discover indentations in the concrete, it’s important that you take steps to create a smooth and level surface before the first piece of flooring goes down. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with an uneven finished floor as well as the possibility of unsightly cracks developing.

A six-foot level is a great tool to find low spots in the slab; and once identified, you need to get rid of them. The easiest way to do that is to use a self-leveling compound, which is a masonry powder mixed with water that you pour onto the low spots to quickly fill in any indentations.

Once dry, you’ll have a level slab ready for new flooring.


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