Quick Tips to Reduce Utility Bills During Cold Weather

Man wearing a mask and gloves while installing mineral wool insulation in the attic
Most homes could use some extra insulation. (DepositPhotos)

So you’ve filled in the gaps and cracks around the home to block the winter drafts, and you’ve improved the crawlspace and attic insulation as best you can. But the utility bills are still putting you in a bind.

Well, you’ve improved your home and made it more energy-efficient, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. You may still have to improve your behavior before you see the biggest slashes to your household budget.

So, here are some quick tips to help with that. 

Easy Tips to Lower Your Utility Bills

Setting smart thermostat to auto fan
Just lowering your thermostat a few degrees can have a big impact on your utility bill. (DepositPhotos)

1. Lower your thermostat. Set your heating and cooling system’s thermostat down a few degrees and put on a few more layers of clothes.

Curling up in a quilt during movie night feels cozy, plus you won’t feel so cold, which means you won’t need as much hot air in the house. The same is true just from layering your clothes. 

Best of all? You’d be amazed at how much you can drive your energy bills down by doing these simple things.

Water heater
Don’t forget that ‘other’ thermostat — adjust the one on the water heater to save a few dollars.

2. Lower the water heater thermostat. It’s easy to forget that your home has more than one type of thermostat. But taking that rare trip to the closet with the water heater can pay off — on your utility bills. So, go lower your water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees.

The water heater is the No. 3 household energy user, so making this small adjustment can make a big difference.

Blue tile shower surround
Long hot showers may feel luxurious — that’s because they’re quite costly, especially during cold weather.

3. Limit shower time. Let’s face it, some people shower longer than others, and all that water adds up in dollars and cents. A hot shower is great on a cold morning, but the longer it lasts, the higher the utility bills will be.

So, put the family on a time limit for showers, and adjust that time limit based on the result when you see the next utility bill. 

These are some of the easiest ways to rein in your utility bills. How do you cut back during cold weather? Tell us in the comments!

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