Cleaning Decks and Fences

If your gray, weathered deck or fence is giving you the blues, there’s an easy way to bring those wood surfaces back to life. Clean the surface thoroughly to remove any built-up dust and dirt, then, while the surface is still wet, use a brush, roller, or pump-up sprayer to apply a coat of wood cleaner or brightener.

Be sure to cover any surrounding vegetation to protect it from the cleaner. Use a stiff bristle brush to work the solution into the wood pores, and just let it sit for around 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

A garden hose with a high pressure nozzle works fine. But if you choose to use a pressure washer, keep the pressure under 1,000 PSI and use the 25° or 40° nozzle tip. Be sure to keep the nozzle around 15 inches away from the surface to avoid any damage to the wood. Once you’ve rinsed the surface and allow it to dry, you’ll see no more gray!

This Around the Yard tip is brought to you by Flood: simple, across the board.


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