Baseboard Heaters: How to Improve Heat Flow


Cleaning Baseboard heaters
Fix the flow of heat from your baseboard heaters with this trick.

Hot-water baseboard heaters put out a lot of heat very quickly, as soon as the thermostat kicks on.

However, sometimes these heaters can put out a little less heat than you’re paying for, and that’s when you know there’s a problem.

Here’s how to dramatically improve the heat flow, and pay attention; you’ll want to do this twice each winter.

First, remove the end caps and pop off the front panel to expose the finned copper pipe inside. These fins absorb heat from the hot water going through the pipe.

Next, use a vacuum cleaner fitted with a crevice wand to remove all dirt and dust from between the fins and from the areas below and above the copper pipe. Work carefully because the aluminum fins bend easily!

And that’s all there is to it!

If you do this at the beginning of the winter and the end of the winter, your hot-water baseboard heater should put out just as much heat as you need it to.



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