Clean Faucet Aerator

You turn on a faucet and all you get is a trickle of water. The problem might not be your faucet, but the aerator which is located on the end of the spout. It mixes air into the water stream to provide an even, splash-free flow. The screen on the outside of the aerator also traps all kinds of rust particles and calcium deposits, gradually cutting down the flow of the water to just a dribble.

Fortunately, the solution is an easy one. First, unscrew the aerator. If you can’t loosen it by hand, wrap it with masking tape to protect the surface, and then use a pair of pliers to get a solid grip. Once it’s off, soak it in white vinegar for an hour or two to dissolve the gunk, give it a good rinse, and screw it back in place.


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