Choose the Right Grill

If you’re wondering what type of grill to buy, price and convenience will influence your decision. Charcoal grills are lower in price,  result in a true charcoal flavor, and, in many cases, are portable. You can get one of these for as little as 20 dollars, with basic units in the 50 to 100 dollar range. Heavy duty models with features for smoking meat will cost a little bit more.

Gas grills offer the greatest ease and convenience with a short preheating time. And there’s no ash disposal, so cleanup goes a lot faster. These grills begin at around 100 dollars and go up, but the models under 300 dollars seem to be the most popular. Additional side burners and electric rotisserie units will add to the cost.

These days, since propane tank exchange sites are popping up everywhere, you can find fuel for either type of these grill as close as you local convenience store.


  1. I wanted to get more information about the grill you were talking about on May 15 program. It had 4 eyes and cost $400.
    What did you use to fill the cracks in concrete

  2. I enjoy your program so much. It has so much good stuff. I always take notes, so I can remember. I’ll keep watching.
    Thanks for all you do.


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