Child Safe Garden Tools

Taking care of a lawn or a garden is hard work that requires lots of tools and materials. Unfortunately, many of those tools and materials can be dangerous to small children, so it’s our job to keep them apart. Of course, you would never let a child play with an axe or a chainsaw, but other tools like shovels and rakes can be almost as dangerous and need to be stored where the kids can’t get to them. Larger tools, like lawn mowers, just can’t be hidden. But you can remove the danger by simply making them inoperable. Take the keys out, or simply remove the spark plug wire if the ignition is keyless.  Garden chemicals and fuels for garden tools can also be hazardous if they’re not stored properly so be sure they’re tucked away, well out of the kid’s reach, or better yet under lock and key.

I’m Danny Lipford for Hints from the Homefront.


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