Dealing with Bees and Wasps

The best time to destroy a wasp nest is at sunset using a spray designed to shoot a stream of insecticide about 20 feet away. That way, you can use them from a safe distance. Make sure you wear light colors and no scented lotion or perfume that could telegraph your arrival.

If they start diving at you, don’t swat at the insects; be still or move away slowly. If you do get stung, remember this: honeybees sting once, leaving their stinger behind. To remove it you need to scrape sideways over the stinger to prevent getting more venom into the skin.

Bumblebees, yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets have smooth stingers and can sting many times. Their venom also attracts others, so get away quickly and wash the sting with soap and water. Then you can treat the pain and itch with cortisone cream and ice.


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