How to Make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Spilling Out on the Table
Want a tasty fireside treat? Roast pumpkin seeds! (DepositPhotos)

Pumpkin carving is fun whether you’re 5 or 95.

It’s creative, whimsical and reminds us to stay young.

It’s a perfect reason for friends and family to get together and play, and it’s a great way to celebrate the first chilly nights of fall.

And best of all, it’s unabashed permission to make a tremendous and glorious mess.

So spread out some plastic, let the pumpkin seeds fly, and enjoy some pure old-fashioned fun.

While you’re at it, try saving and roasting the pumpkin seeds for a fireside treat.

Here’s how:

  1. As you’re scooping out your pumpkins, separate the seeds into a bowl.
  2. Rinse the seeds to remove all the stringy goo, then spread them out on a towel to dry overnight.
  3. Toss the seeds in a bowl with a little melted butter and salt.
  4. Spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, stirring occasionally, until they’re a nice golden brown (about 20 to 30 minutes, but keep an eye on them).
  5. For variety, you can spice them up with garlic, red pepper, or Worcestershire sauce, or stay in the holiday spirit with a little cinnamon and sugar.


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