Proper Attic Ventilation Saves Energy

No matter what time of the year it may be, proper attic ventilation is extremely important to the life of your home.

In the summer months, ventilation helps remove the oppressive heat build-up that can make your air conditioner overwork and can also lessen the life span of certain roofing materials. In the winter, ventilation removes excess moisture vapor that migrates from the living space into the attic where it can cause problems with mold and mildew.

Natural ventilation is the most energy efficient way to control attic moisture and temperature. Make sure the soffit (roof eave overhang) has plenty of screened openings where outside air can be introduced into the attic.

To allow air to escape, a ridge vent works best. This is the opening at the very peak of the roofline, covered with a breathable mesh and capped with roofing that allows the air get out but also keeps rain and wildlife out as well.

When a ridge vent isn’t an option, a motorized attic ventilation fan can be placed as close to the ridge as possible. These fans can be hard-wired into the electrical system or can be solar-powered. Gable vent fans can also assist in moving out the air and moisture.

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