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  1. I really appreciate the backyard project that aired today. I have the same issues with a ugly cracked slab and was thinking I had to remove and replace the entire slab, which would be very expensive. I have hope after watching. I didn’t know there was a way to fill the cracks and recoat. Thank you!

  2. Hi Chelsea,
    I wouldn’t expect you to remember, but years ago I bought a drum sander that you and Danny were selling, and I now use it to build high-end acoustic guitars here in my shop in Fairhope. I’ve sent my submission for you and Danny to assist my family in completing the upstairs over this “Craftsman-style” shop that I built a few years ago. The space is already framed, insulated and wired, and we would like to turn it into a family entertainment/music room. Even if our project isn’t chosen for your show, I’d still love to have you both visit and see what I do here. I believe that you guys would find it quite interesting, and I’d even treat you both to lunch in Fairhope. If you’re intrigued, or even the slightest bit interested, please call.

    Joel Teel


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