Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Shaker cabinets painted pale blue

How to Transform Your Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets' five-piece design makes them a popular, timeless choice for kitchens. Watch this video to learn how to transform cabinets to Shaker style.
Shiplap wall in house's entryway

The Easy Way to Install a Shiplap Wall

Want to give a room some instant texture and character? Just install shiplap on the walls — here's how to do it!
Kitchen design featuring a butcher block countertop and stainless steel apron sink

Kitchen Design Ideas: Wow Guests with Natural Beauty

Want to add some natural beauty to your home? One of the top kitchen design trends is a butcher block countertop — it brings the outdoors in and helps create serene surroundings.
Upcycled water jug used as DIY sprinkler for watering plants

How to Upcycle a Plastic Jug for Watering Plants

If you have a plastic water or milk jug, you can make a few tweaks to upcycle it for a new purpose: watering plants.
Sink cabinet with DIY back support for repairs

Simple Back Support for Working in a Sink Cabinet

Working on plumbing problems inside a sink cabinet can be a real pain — literally! Here's a comfortable solution that won't cost you a penny.
Joe Truini reads from the tape measure

How to Make Tape Measure Reading Simple

Forget your notepad — this tip makes tape measure reading simple, so you don't have to remember the measurements before returning to the saw.

Clean Air in Your Shop: Picking the Right Dust Collection System

Today's Homeowner Radio Listener Questions Dust Collection Options for Any Workshop Tom is creating a...

How to Properly Prep for a Bathroom Renovation

Bob needs advice picking the best material for sturdy walls that would go behind plastic shower panels. 
Joe Truini loosening screws with screwdriver and wrench

How to Loosen Screws with 3 Kinds of Screwdrivers

Removing tight screws sometimes requires using other tools. Here's how to loosen stubborn screws with three kinds of screwdrivers.