Area carpets and rugs in your house are excellent ways to provide comfort and warmth to your space. They can, however, get exceedingly filthy and difficult to wipe. Cleaning carpets with a good power washer is an excellent way to clean an unclean rug without causing damage.

This guide will show you how to freshen up your favorite area rug with a power washer.

Things To Consider Before Washing a Rug

Before washing your rug, make sure it’s the right kind. This cleaning method is effective, although it is recommended that expensive or ancient rugs be maintained and cleaned by veterans. Because most rugs happen to be too large to fit in the washing machine and the dryer, you’ll need to use a good pressure washer to clean them.

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Vacuuming regularly can assist in keeping your rugs looking nice between cleanings; most vacuums find it hard to reach debris deep within piles. A good stain spot remover can also keep the rug looking excellent for the occasional surface-level spill. The only approach to secure a deep clean on a rug that will help restore its original appearance is to power wash it.

The steps for cleaning your rug using a power washer are outlined below.

Area rugs may transform the look of your space. However, they can have the exact opposite impact when they become filthy and dingy! If your rugs are dingy and need to be brightened, a pressure washer can help. A pressure washer cleans your area rugs by spraying high-pressure water to eliminate dirt and grime.

How Often Should Area Rugs Be Cleaned?

If it’s an office area rug or one with a lot of traffic, vacuuming and spot cleaning tend to be done as frequently as once a week. The large deep clean can be done every three months if the location is outside or in a low-traffic region. Area rugs are expected to be cleaned once yearly at least.

Should You Wash a Wool Area Rug?

Before pressure washing an area rug, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Pressure washers should not be used on delicate or fragile fibers like wool carpets or expensive rugs. The high-pressure water stream can harm these fibers, ruining wool or Persian rugs.

Steps to Clean an Area Rug with a Pressure Washer

We talked to John Daniels from Giraffe Tools on how to properly clean an area rug with a pressure washer. These are the steps you should follow:

Choose a spot for your carpeting that is somewhat clean. A well-drained driveway or patio outside is a wonderful location to start. Check if the rug can be laid flat on a dry surface. Cleaning your area rug outdoors is the best option.

The carpeting will then be soaked in soapy water. A pre-soaking solution could be used, but a dishwashing soap like Dawn should suffice.

Another option is to spritz using a spray bottle, but this would be impractical for large area rugs. Supposing your washer has detergent tanks, you can utilize them to fill the soapy kind of water solution and soak the rug beforehand.

Fill a bucket with soapy water solution and pour it over the carpeting for a more practical solution. Leave the solution on the carpeting for a few minutes before moving to the next step.

Find the fabric in your rug and ensure that your detergent is suitable for it. Use a cotton brush or soft bristle to wipe a tiny amount of gel stain remover or carpet cleaner into the stained areas.

Almost any pressure washer will do the job; the tip one uses is crucial. Use a tip that isn’t overly strong. Begin by utilizing a lower-powered kind tip with a wider spray design. To avoid destroying the rug, start by holding the wand tip at a distance, then gradually come closer. When cleaning the carpeting, don’t use hot water. A pressure washer with a pressure of 1600 to 1800 PSI will suffice for this task.

It’s critical to maintain your rug flat as it dries to avoid creases. Allow plenty of time for the carpet to cure before reinstalling it in your home. For final drying, try to locate a sunny location.


Before cleaning, cleaning a rug utilizing a pressure washer thoroughly is not a difficult task with a few suggestions and care. Bring your beloved rug back to life and back into your house. You can feel pleased with yourself for cleaning the rugs and bringing new life to a component of your house.

Pressure washers represent an excellent way to maintain your property clean and new-looking. These are but a few suggestions for a common household item. 

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