Follow Three “P’s” When Power Washing Your Home

Whether you’re a first time homeowner, or simply facing challenges with maintaining your home, here’s a tip that can help.

When it comes to exterior cleaning chores, there are times when a water hose and scrub brush simply aren’t enough. So today, I want to share with you my three P’s of Power Washing: Prepare, Practice and Patience.

As with most jobs, you need to prepare first. In this case it means making sure all doors and windows are closed, remove any shutters in order to get all the dirt that gets trapped behind them, and grab your goggles and water-resistant clothing, because you will get wet.

Next, find an out of the way place to practice. Start with the power washing wand 2-3 feet away from the surface to be cleaned, and make nice even strokes to cover 3 or 4 feet at a time. If the surface is still dirty, move just a little closer. Be careful, though, because some surfaces can be damaged by the intense spray of water.

Finally, be patient. Too often I see people get in a rush with a power washer and wind up with a streaky finish. Keep a steady, medium pace— making sure to wash every square inch—and you’ll have a power washing job to be proud of.

This First Time Homeowner tip brought to you by Exterior Portfolio, think outside.

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