Pressure washers are very effective in keeping your house clean and look good as new. Several pressure washer owners are having problems in maintaining the quality of their equipment after every use. Since you don’t need to use it every day, storing it without a pump-protective solution is the major cause of pump degradation.


Thankfully, there are lubricating formulas such as the pressure washer Pump Saver that protects the internal components of the pressure washer upon storage. The Briggs & Stratton’s Pump Saver varies in size and costs around $18 for a bottle with 10 fluid ounces of solution.

To give you a wide range of options to protect your pressure washers, especially during winter, here are some Pump Saver alternatives that might be better for your equipment.

Importance Of Applying a Pump Protector Lubricant Upon Storage

Mineral accumulation and metal oxidation wear out the pump seals and pistons which is caused by the water left inside the pump. Because the pump is frequently exposed to moisture, certain contaminants remain inside the pressure washer after it is dried and emptied. And if these contaminants are left there for a long time, they can freeze and damage the pump.

Anti-freeze pressure washer products are chemicals that must be injected into the machine’s pump to prevent its components from freezing. This is an important step to remain within the standard winterizing pressure of electronic washer pumps. Pump protector lubricant works as an anti-corrosion protective solvent that penetrates all of the nooks and crannies of your pressure washer pump to maintain its original condition. Flushing the lubricant before storing the pressure washer saves you more than $100 in repair costs.

STA-BIL Pump Protector 22007

The next-generation lubricant compositions from STA-BIL protect pistons, seals, and gaskets from degradation while not in use for a long time. This chemical product is great for equipment maintenance because it protects and lubricates internal components with the same performance as the Pump Saver.

Pump Protector 22007 is an anti-freeze oil for power equipment washers that releases a white protective foam into the liquid nozzle. Getting ready for winter with the STA-BIL Pump Protector is recommended because it keeps the water line secure from freezing due to the oil’s protective formulation.


If you will not use your pressure washer for a long time, apply the pump protector solution by connecting the pump inlet to the tube on the pump protector container. To dispense the solution, open the top cover and push the button. The pump is secured when the protective fluid starts to escape the valve outlet. Afterward, disconnect the hose from the pump’s inlet and store the equipment in a secured place.


A bottle with 4 fluid ounces of the STA-BIL Pump Protector 22007 is recommended for one application only. Some homeowners used it more often but several people prefer to use it for the winter season only to prevent any liquid inside the equipment from freezing.

For people who live in normal temperate conditions and hot environments, apply the pump protector only if you won’t use it for more than a week to prevent mineral buildup.


4 fluid ounces of STA-BIL Pump Protector 22007 cost around $8.


The Pump Protector 22007 has a shelf life of 4 years from the date of manufacture and can last up to 2 years after the bottle was opened.

Pressure Washer Pump Protector 6108

CAT washer oil secures your pump by acting as a corrosion preventative solution and anti-foaming agent. The CAT pump protector keeps pumps from freezing at temperatures as low as -25°F or -32°C. CAT Field-Proven Lubricants are precisely developed to fulfill demanding performance and quality criteria to protect your pressure washer pump.

CAT pumps have various advantages in terms of efficiency and lubricity, which preserve the condition of the pressure washer’s internal parts by its anti-wear additives that enhance engine lifespan and serve as a protection metal-to-metal drive interface.

Some pump protectors are only ideal for the winter season but CAT pump pressure oil can produce the same performance under any operating environment because of its anti-corrosion additives. Homeowners who use CAT pump pressure washer oil tend to buy more of these because of their efficiency, high-quality performance, and cheap price.


CAT pump protector is not just for electric pressure washers. You can apply it for gas engines with aggressive water characteristics and saltwater reinjection.


A bottle of CAT pump protector oil with 21 oz of solution costs around $19.

Generac 6656 Pressure Washer Pump Oil

Generac’s own pressure washer oil is a high-quality lubricant with a reasonable price for every bottle with 20 oz of oil. The oil comes in a standard black plastic container with a strip of clear plastic on the side and a volume indicator to let know how much oil remains in the bottle every use. This allows you to measure out just how much you exerted every use while also keeping track of the remaining amount of oil inside the container.

Generac 6656 oil is an SAE 30 lubricant designed exclusively for pressure washer pumps. If you want your pressure washer pump to operate seamlessly, make sure there isn’t too much external friction applied to avoid damaging your equipment.

Generac pump protective oil is created with powerful chemical technology to protect your pump from extreme conditions and hot environments while also reducing frictional forces that negatively affect the operation during startup. Because Generac is a well-known brand for long-lasting pressure washers, using their own pump protector oil composition is a good choice.


A bottle of Generac 6656 pressure washer pump oil (20 oz) costs around $14. Best to use for those on a budget but want a trusted product to prolong the lifespan of their pressure washer.

General Alternative: Synthetic Oil

Pressure washers use all-purpose engine oil within the operating temperature of 50°F or 10°C and above. Synthetic oil works well as a replacement for the store-bought commercial oil inside your pressure washer pump. It protects the pump from all conditions and reduces oil consumption while also enhancing the pressure washer’s start-up performance. 

Protecting the pressure washer’s pump is the key to maintaining the efficiency of your equipment for a long time. Use this guide to know other pump protector oil you can use based on your environment, usage, and preference.

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