Home Experts and Influencers, Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf, Share Fall Home Advice in National Media Event

Indoor Tips

Moving indoors, Lipford and Wolf discussed the importance of sealing the home’s envelope. Most homes have cracks and crevices through which cooled or heated air can escape, wasting energy and money. Lipford and Wolf pointed out the key areas homeowners should survey and address as needed, including the biggest culprits – drafty windows and doors.

Danny and Chelsea are celebrating the 21st season of “Today’s Homeowner.”

Caulking around window seams on the home’s exterior is the first step, but Wolf suggested adding another layer of protection indoors. She showed viewers how to install the Max Strength Window Kit from Duck® Brand. This DIY-friendly kit is inexpensive and a great solution for insulating older, less efficient windows. The window kit is made with clear, puncture-resistant film applied with double-stick tape and heated with a blow dryer to finalize the seal. When the weather turns warmer, the film is simple to remove and discard.

Turning attention to doors, Lipford advised homeowners to inspect and replace any worn or cracked weatherstripping to ensure a tight seal. He also suggested adding a seal along the bottom of exterior doors to eliminate drafts and keep out moisture and water.

To complete the media event, Lipford and Wolf recommended additional fall tasks including testing or replacing smoke alarms, changing air filters and cleaning refrigerator coils. They referred viewers to TodaysHomeowner.com/4seasons/fall to download their complete interactive checklist and infographic.

The national media event reached an audience of more than 20 million and was sponsored by Today’s Homeowner Media and home improvement brands Ames, GutterBrush and Duck® brand. A broadcast-ready media clip from the event is available for download and use.

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