Power Sanders 101

Bench Sanders

Bench sander
Bench sander

Bench sanders often combine more than one type of power sander in a stationary tool that’s mounted on a stand or workbench.

Bench sanders are perfect for sanding smaller pieces and detail work, such as furniture or trimwork. Bench sanders can include:

  • Belt sanders
  • Disk sanders
  • Spindle sanders

Sandpaper: Bench sanders require belts, disks, and sleeves sized to fit the sander.


  1. I have a speckled bone finish silestone countertop installed by Home Depot. I like it very much and want the same for a property I have in the Caribbean. Only that Home Depot say that they will not provide it since they can’t install it. I like the idea of a concrete instead and I learned that the capabiliy of concrete countertop is limitless. I have concluded that getting a 5” orbital sander and sanding disc all the way to 1500 grade will give a similar finish.

    Your thoughts ..thansk


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