Power Sanders 101

Belt Sanders

Handheld belt sander
Handheld belt sander

Belt sanders work by revolving a sandpaper belt around two tensioned drums. They can be either handheld or table mounted.

Belt sanders are great for removing large amounts of material quickly, but they should always be used with the grain of the wood and can easily gouge the work if you aren’t careful.

Due to their shape, belt sanders aren’t able to sand into corners or flush against walls and other obstructions.

Sandpaper: Belt sanders require special cloth sanding belts in the proper size.


  1. I have a speckled bone finish silestone countertop installed by Home Depot. I like it very much and want the same for a property I have in the Caribbean. Only that Home Depot say that they will not provide it since they can’t install it. I like the idea of a concrete instead and I learned that the capabiliy of concrete countertop is limitless. I have concluded that getting a 5” orbital sander and sanding disc all the way to 1500 grade will give a similar finish.

    Your thoughts ..thansk


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