Pool Fencing Ideas — How to Make Your Pool Safe and Stylish

Glass Fencing

Want a modern, transparent look? Then go for glass. (jrstock1 / Depositphotos)

Glass fencing adds a sleek, modern look to your pool area. What’s more, it allows for unobstructed views, which is ideal for properties with a view.

Glass fencing is also durable, having a naturally better resistance to moisture and pool chemicals like chlorine. Most variations are quite solid, ranging from 8 to 12 millimeters of thickness, and are installed with rust-proof metal components.

Glass fencing also does well by safety standards, assuming it’s the appropriate height and installed correctly. With no large gaps between panels, glass fences prevent climbing or any other entry outside of using the main gate.

Slat Fencing

Slat fencing is made from powder coated and resistant aluminum, can be installed vertically or horizontally, and comes in a range of colors.

While homeowners who want to preserve sweeping views may go for glass fencing, those who enjoy an earthy look with limited privacy may prefer slats.

When installed correctly, slat fencing can provide a durable and versatile design, while keeping your pool secure.

Decorative Screen Fencing

Decorative screens can integrate your backyard or garden into your pool area. Commonly made from aluminum, these screens can be machine or laser-cut into patterns of your choice, giving you the power to create the perfect fence design.

Decorative screens also come in lighter perforated options similar to a fine mesh. These screens provide a solid barrier but still allow for good visibility. With many options to choose from, decorative screen fencing can give a unique and personalized touch to your pool area.

Tubular Fencing

Metal tubular fencing is a classic fencing design that predates many fencing options. This type of pool fencing is made from hollow metal tubes and comes in many varieties, depending on the type of material used as well as the design and color.

Aluminum tubular fencing is a more lightweight option, while steel tubular fencing is heavier and can give a more industrial appearance.

Tubular fencing is a relatively inexpensive option for pool fencing and complies with pool safety regulations when correctly designed and installed. This makes it a popular option for building a secure pool fence at a relatively lower cost.

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