Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Alternatives That Actually Work | Ep. 48

Mouse in house chewing through power cord
Ultrasonic pest repellers are popular, but simply plugging them in probably won’t end your problems with pests. (DepositPhotos)

On this Week’s Podcast:

• Do ultrasonic pest deterrents really work? Probably not, but our solution WILL work – every time.

 Danny’s unique way to remove ice buildup from his freezer using a shovel, tarp, and a hairdryer.

• A previous homeowner capped off your bathroom vent so it doesn’t function? No problem. Here’s how to get the vent working properly.

• Joe’s Simple Solution for screening paint chips, dust and dirt out of old paint.

Question of the Week:

Ken in Mississippi writes, “Is there a wrong way to blow in cellulose? There are some areas in my attic that are almost inaccessible and I just want to fill up as many cavities as possible. 

There is plenty of ventilation but I’m not going to be able to not blow insulation over the soffits.”

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