Spring Home Maintenance Chores You Can’t Ignore

Designer gardening tools with turquoise blades
Sharp garden tools work more efficiently and effectively. Best of all, they save you energy and money. (DepositPhotos)

6. Gardening Tool Maintenance

Sharpening your gardening tools with a file takes a couple of minutes and makes them work more effectively. Afterward, adjust the tire on your wheelbarrow and check the air.

Don’t plant flower beds before testing your soil. Then you’ll know what will make your plants thrive.

7. Preparing Flower Beds

Start preparing your flower beds and plants when the weather is consistently 50 degrees. Bees and other pollinators overwinter in the dead plant materials. Additionally, test your soil. Test kits, available at The Home Depot, let you know which amendment is necessary for your plants to thrive.

Paddle ceiling fan, seen close up
Your ceiling fan has the power to make you feel warmer or cooler. (DepositPhotos)

8. Adjusting Ceiling Fans

Set ceiling fans to spin counterclockwise. A switch on the fan sends air down, making you feel cool. Otherwise, the fan sends hot air around the sides of a room to make you feel warmer.

A man pressure washing the vinyl siding on a home
Pressure wash your home with each change of season, at minimum, to keep it looking its best.

9. If Time and Budget Allow…

Have the time and money to take on more tasks? Here are a few options:

  • Pressure wash decks and siding. The prices of pressure washers have come down over the years, making them more practical, but rentals are still available.
  • As the weather gets warmer, add insulation to your attic. You should always have about 14 to 16 inches of insulation.
  • Rent an aerator from the Home Depot Rental Center. This device punctures your grass to allow nutrients to enter and fertilize.

10. A Little Something Extra

Still need more to do? Here are some extra home maintenance tasks.

  • Flip mattresses for a fresher, cleaner place to sleep.
  • Inspect mailbox posts for rot and make repairs if necessary.
  • Clean indoor plants‘ pots and re-pot if necessary — this will help increase the life of your indoor plants.

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