Solving Water Pressure Problems in the Shower | Ep. 119

Luxury shower
A shower with multiple spray nozzles is luxurious and completes the spa environment that most homeowners want, but it’s nothing without water pressure. (©J.A., Adobe Stock Photos)
  • [1:33]: How to prevent the underside of a countertop from flaking
  • [7:30]: To seal or not to seal a fence with pressure-treated wood
  • [12:47]: Home Depot Best New Product: Liberty Garden’s Americana Configurable Hose Stand System
  • [15:38]: What to do when a new shower head has no water pressure
  • [22:49]: Danny and Joe talk with Engineer-Producer Dennis about his recent home improvement project
  • [29:53]: Simple Solution: Easy way to clean rust from tools
  • [30:38] Question of the Week: Shouldn’t flooring gaps for expansion be done at the ends where they would be hidden under the baseboard?

Joe, from Washington State, recently went from a shower with one head, to an eight-spray shower panel.

In addition, he added a steam room. And now, there’s very little water pressure.

He should know — the rest of the house has 85 psi water pressure. (Normally, a home’s water pressure is between 40 and 60 psi.) But the new shower panel has absolutely no water pressure.

Joe needs to focus on the eight-spray shower panel. It’s possible that some debris could be in the lines, causing the water pressure issue.

Even with new pipes, debris (such as dust, dirt and copper filings) could creep in during the manufacturing process.

He can take the shower heads and fittings off, turn the water on, and let it push out that debris.

In addition, when Joe takes the nozzles off, he should look for any shavings that might restrict the water flow.

Simple Solutions

Removing Rust from Garden Tools — Here’s an effortless way to remove rust and corrosion from shovels, rakes, hoes, trowels and other garden tools.

Partially fill a bowl with white vinegar, and then plunge a cotton rag into the bowl. Remove the sopping wet rag from the vinegar and wrap it around the rusty blade of the tool.

Then place the tool in a plastic bag, seal it closed and leave it overnight. The next day, unwrap the tool and use a stiff-bristle nylon brush and some baking soda to scrub off the softened corrosion.

When done, coat the tools with spray lubricant. 

EZ Slider — Here’s a simple way to make moving heavy furniture a whole lot easier.

Measure up about 3 inches or so from the bottom of four plastic water bottles and draw a line around the bottle.

Then, take a utility knife and cut along the line to remove the bottom of each bottle. Slip one severed bottle bottom onto each furniture leg, creating an easy-slide furniture glide.

Now you can easily push the furniture across the floor — even on carpeting.

Question of the Week

Q: A subcontract crew laid new flooring in my entire house. At the top of the stairs entrance, they left gaps between the flooring. They said it was to allow for expanding.

Shouldn’t this have been done at the ends, where it would be hidden under the baseboard? The warranty is gone. It looks [unattractive]. The company won’t help.

What can I do?

Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Podcast for the answer!

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