How to Remove Nails from Reclaimed Wood | Ep. 38

On this Week’s Podcast:

• A homeowner needs to save lumber from his grandfather’s house, but he’s having trouble pulling nails without damaging the wood. Joe suggests a unique tool that may be perfect for this job.

•Have you ever had to replace a wax ring? Danny and Joe recommend using something a little more up to date.

• A listener’s garage is built into a hill and everything inside is getting damp. Learn how she can dry out the garage without constantly running a dehumidifier.

• Joe has a Simple Solution perfect for raking in the fall — here’s a quick way to transport leaves away from the pile.

Question of the Week:

Andrea in Wisconsin writes, “I am remodeling my bathroom. I removed the ceramic tile from my wooden walls. I don’t want to put tile up nor drywall. What can I use to cover the walls that would be great for my bathroom?”