How to Remove Mold from Your Washer and Dryer | Ep. 50

Front-loading washers are notorious for mold and mildew.

On this Week’s Podcast:

Front-loading washers often attract mold and mildew — here are a few ways you can fight back against these fungi. 

 Organizing professional Kandy Negus shares tips on how to declutter your home — fast — for the New Year.

• A caller wants to remove a 1960s cast iron bathtub from his home, but how in the world will he get it out? We offer a few suggestions.

• Joe’s Simple Solution will quiet down a squeaky door hinge.

Question of the Week:

Tara writes, “My dog found a hand warmer and got the black powder inside the package all over our hardwood floors. (The dog is fine, but) the black powder stained the hardwood floors in two areas and also our couch. 

We have washed and scrubbed the areas but the stain is still there. What would you recommend using to clean the areas?”

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