Removing a Mirror, One Hot Handrail, and Cleaning a Grill | Ep 29

On this week’s podcast:

• We discuss how to safely remove large mirrors. It’s a slow and meticulous process that a homeowner is about to take on in Oklahoma.
• A listener inherited a dingy steam shower from the home’s previous owners. Listen to hear how she can maintain the tiles inside the shower that are showing mold and discolored grout.

• The troops rallied behind a listener with a hot wrought-iron handrail. It’s always great to hear tips from you! Here are tips our listeners came up with to help a previous caller.
• Joe has a Simple Solution that will help you clean your grill before your next cookout!

Question of the Week:

Vincent from Pennsylvania says, “What is the best way or method to vent a bathroom fan? Through the roof or wall?

“I have seen here in Pennysylvania that there is a PVC pipe through the roof and then an elbow on it. Is that venting through the roof for a fan?”

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